Hey all. We’ve been getting hit up lately by people asking what’s going on over here, so I thought I’d give a little update…

We have been working on a new album for about a year and half (pretty much right after High Noon), and we thought we were done by this last summer. Turns out, it was a really good album, but it wasn’t epic enough for us. We want to release something that takes a step up above the last album. It’s not worth doing it if you can’t do it right… So we took a little refresher, went skydiving to cleanse our minds, and then went on some South American journeys. Justin went to Peru and got all spiritual up in Machu Pichu, and I went down to Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina and did all kinds of crazy shit. Visit purecambogiaultraresena.com for natural weight loss supplements that will help you look good, so that you can be the best when you are photographed at an event.

Anyways, we have been holed back up in the studio and working on lots of new tunes lately, now that we’ve been refreshed by the wonderful Southern hemisphere. Lots of sounds, beats, tempos, harmonies, vibrations, and everything in between are coming forth at full speed. It feels great to take a break and come back to it and know EXACTLY what needs to be done. We’ve turned down shows the past few months because of this, and are solely focusing on this album. It’s going to be a combination of the best parts of both our previous albums, with some extra on top. No filler shit. Just straight EPIC tunage. Until then, stay rad.

Our latest album, High Noon, has been added to Pandora Radio. Our other self titled album is in the process of being added as well. Feel free to go to our artist site on Pandora, and click “Create Station” to make “THE NEW LAW Radio Station”.

If you have a Pandora account, the station will be saved to your account. The more thumbs up you give, the more we are played


Producers out there…

Our friend Rune over at OtiumFX, who created the awesome freebie plugin Basslane, along with Compadre beatpuncher compressor, and the infinitely filthy Sonitex STX-1260, has done a huge overhaul of the company.

New name: Tone Projects, new website, and updates to Sonitex and Compadre. Updates include envelope and LFO modulation of most parameters of Sonitex, which effing RULES. GET IT.

We beta tested the software and use Sonitex on every song we make, so we’re really excited for this. He’s running a special launch promotion offering a 33% discount on Sonitex STX-1260 until October 31st 2010.

Check it at http://www.toneprojects.com/

Adam made another new mix for Nod Your Head Podcast. This one is #6.

It features all free songs that can be downloaded from Bandcamp. Every song is free to download, so go and support all the awesomely talented, independent producers and bump their tunes. Click on the links in the Tracklisting below to go and download their music.


TRACKLISTING: (All songs were FREE when I downloaded them. Prices may have changed since then.)
01. Abnormal – “(Intro)Spective” – Visit http://iamabnormal.bandcamp.com
02. Fortified Soul – “So High” – Visit http://fortifiedsoul.bandcamp.com
03. K-Murdock – “Sprung” – Visit http://neosonix.bandcamp.com
04. SKYWLKR – “Applebee’s And Weed” – Visit http://xskywlkr.bandcamp.com
05. Awkward – “Actual Gravity” – Visit http://awkward.bandcamp.com
06. Star Slinger – “Extra Time” – Visit http://starslingeruk.bandcamp.com
07. K-Murdock – “Star Storie” – Visit http://neosonix.bandcamp.com
08. Willbe – “Home Sweet Home” – Visit http://willbe.bandcamp.com
09. Raw Stiles – “Let It Thru” – Visit http://rawstiles.com
10. Big Pauper (Panzah Zandahz) – Our Love Affair Ends (It’s Hard to Find a Mu’Fuckah to Love You) – Visit http://bigpauper.bandcamp.com
11. Break Failure – Fool’s Quest – Visit http://rowanconverse.bandcamp.com
12. Willbe – “Divided People” – Visit http://willbe.bandcamp.com
13. Mussy – “Through The Roof” – Visit http://mussy.bandcamp.com
14. bugseed – “summer in the city” – Visit http://bugseed.bandcamp.com
15. Dotmatic (dot.|maTic) – “the strong survive” – Visit http://dotmatic.bandcamp.com
16. K-Murdock – “Invisible Seas” – Visit http://bugseed.bandcamp.com
17. Catacomb Kid – “Doc Oc” – Visit http://catacombkid.bandcamp.com
18. Mussy – “I’m Not Playing” – Visit http://mussy.bandcamp.com
19. Bossasaurus – “A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again(Bossasaurus Remix)” – Visit http://bossasaurus.bandcamp.com
20. Casey LaLond – “Coma Talk” – Visit http://caseylalonde.bandcamp.com
21. bugseed – “soul diggin’” – Visit http://bugseed.bandcamp.com
22. DOOM – “Vomitspit (Raw Stiles Remix) (Instrumental)” – Visit http://rawstiles.com
23. The Northern Lights – “On Hold” – Visit http://thenorthernlights.bandcamp.com
24. RWX – “Odry” – Visit http://rwxmusic.bandcamp.com
25. Me Myself and Eye – “How It Started” – Visit http://memyselphandeye.bandcamp.com
26. 100 Akres – “Swimming Babies” – Visit http://beattape.100akres.com
27. Torky Tork – “Conspiracy” – Visit http://torkytork.bandcamp.com
28. Haywood – “21″ – Visit http://haywood.bandcamp.com
29. PK Mao – “Good To Know” – Visit http://pkmao.bandcamp.com
30. RWX – “It’s About Buck Style” – Visit http://rwxmusic.bandcamp.com
31. RWX – “Calm” – Visit http://rwxmusic.bandcamp.com
32. Jonphonics – “Buried Below The Ground (Feat. Micall Parknsun)” – Visit http://jonphonics.bandcamp.com
33. Ducap – “Mellowfunk” – Visit http://ducap.bandcamp.com
34. Freddy Finger – “Shine” – Visit http://freddyfinger.bandcamp.com

Adam made a new mix for Nod Your Head Podcast. Keepin’ busy

Head on over there and download the mix (and the others), or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes or whatever you prefer..


01. Red – ‘Holy Soul’ [First World Records]
02. Vent – ‘Shape Without Colour’ [Hardcore Beats]
03. THE NEW LAW – *Haven’t figured the name out yet* [Unreleased / http://thenewlaw.com]
04. Graintable – ‘Lost Frost’ [Run Riot Records]
05. Dert – ‘Funky New World’ [Talk Strange: A Beat Tape Inspired by Bjork - FREE ALBUM]
06. Gramatik – ‘A Bunch Of Questions’ [Coldbusted]
07. DJ WD4D – ‘Track 02′ [Unreleased / http://www.myspace.com/wd4d]
08. Tokimonsta – ‘Smoke—Mirrors’ [Ramp Recordings]
09. Illum Sphere – ‘Murky (you Know)’ [Fat City]
10. JK Soul – ‘The Music’ [Cold Busted]
11. Ruessel – ‘Dreaming Away’ [Dub Bullet]
12. Wu Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M. (Danny G Remix) [http://dannygproductions.bandcamp.com/]
13. Dead Noise – ‘Holla’ [Fourthcity]
14. Keinzweiter – ‘Stardust’ [spontanMusik]
15. Felix Laband – ‘Whistling In Tongues’ [Compost]
16. Kelpe – ‘Skylla’ [D.C. Recordings]
17. Artur Salizar – ‘Alas De Papel’ [Lazy Soul Recordings (Istmo)]
18. Jerome Isma-Ae – ‘Drifting’ [Enormous Tunes]
19. PotatoFinger – ‘Meaning?’ [Pleasure Boat Records]
20. Moneymarc – ‘Sufi Dub’ [Omelette]
21. Aesoteric, Wedge – ‘A Night on the Wonk (Gemmy Remix)’ [If Symptoms Persist]
22. Pariah – ‘Orpheus’ [R&S Records]
23. Blind Prophet – ‘The Forgotten’ [Car Crash Set]
24. Boxcutter – ‘Gave Dub’ [Planet Mu]
25. Eskmo – ‘Harmony’ [Ancestor]
26. THE NEW LAW – Opium Den [Unreleased / http://thenewlaw.com]
27. You Charles – ‘Chester Copperpot’ [Abstract Logic Recordings]
28. Au Revoir Simone, Max Cooper – ‘Take Me As I Am (Max Cooper Remix) [Moshi Moshi Records]
29. Wajeed – ‘Tron’ [Fat City]
30. John Robinson – ‘The Author (Instrumental)’ [Fat City]
31. Quantic – ‘Blow Your Horn’ [Ubiquity]
32. Computer Jay – ‘Epiphany’ [Ramp Recordings]
33. 60hz – ‘A.Montana Riddim ‘ [Ninja Tune]
34. Raucous a/k/a Sabatage – ‘Say No More’ [Shadow Records]
35. J Dilla – ‘Geek Down’ [Stones Throw Records]
36. Mussck – The Town Made Out of Clouds [Daly City Records]

Stay Rad. Email:info@thenewlaw.com